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Cellphone Tattoos product information

Cellphone Tattoos are purpose-built stickers which can be easily installed on most cellphones, telephones or remote controls in the market. Using tattoos you are giving each of these items a new unique look. more..
As Cellphone Tattoos Standard, with flourescence effect (glow in the dark). more..
Standard Custom Design
We are able to produce our customerís individual designs (e.g. giveaways, promotional products, etc.). more..
  Nightfire Custom Design
As Cellphone Tattoos Custom Design, with flourescence effect (glow in the dark). more..

Product characteristics
  • outstanding quality
  • soft surface
  • waterproof and light-fast
  • smooth and unremarkable edges
  • easy to install
  • removable by light draw off with no remaining vestige
  • no need to open the device to install
  • no confliction with device manufacturers
    warranty plan
  • two years warranty

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