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Cellphone Sticker product information

Cellphone Stickers are special covers, which attach (unremarkable by touch) to the surface of the phone and can be removed easily with no residuals left. more..
As Cellphone Sticker Standard, coated with Hologram pattern. more..
Day & Night
As Cellphone Sticker Standard, with flourescence effect. Available for all phone models using design-no. D10 - D11. more..
As Cellphone Sticker Standard, with acrylic or artificial diamonds. We are currently working on 0,01 - 0,45 carat diamonds and also Swarovski crystals. more..
Custom Design
Your Design, company logo, your ads and much more will be produced by us as high quality Cellphone Stickers. more..

Product characteristics
  • outstanding quality
  • soft surface
  • waterproof and light-fast
  • smooth and unremarkable edges
  • easy to install
  • removable by light draw off with
    no remaining vestige
  • protects cellphone from dirt and dust
  • no need to open the device to install
  • no confliction with device manufacturers
    warranty plan
  • two years warranty

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